10 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Consultant


You have scheduled interviews for SEO consultants and you are about to ask questions which will determine who might be the best SEO candidate for you.

Here are 10 questions to ask when hiring an SEO consultant;

  1. How long have you studied SEO? This helps you ascertain the person’s relevant education and certification in relevance to SEO.
  2. How many years have you practised SEO? Most SEO consultants are self-trained and self-taught since SEO is a relatively new field. A high number of years show possible greater exposure and experience in SEO which is an added benefit.
  3. What is your approach to SEO? This will highlight the types of strategies the SEO consultant will employ and how they work, which will give you an insight into their implementation plan and strategy.
  1. If hired, what would you do to ensure more traffic? This is the main objective of SEO and the candidate should give detail methods and ways to ensure greater traffic.
  2. How do you ensure your knowledge of SEO is up to date? SEO is still a new field and you would want to hire someone who reads blogs and attends training and workshops on SEO.
  3. What guarantees will I get once I hire you? A good SEO consultant will state that there are no guarantees, yet they will do their best to ensure you get value for their services.
  4. How do you charge? Knowing how the SEO consultant will charge and expected fees will help you assess the cost-effectiveness of this service for planning and budget purposes.
  5. Will you be my contact person or who will be responsible for my business? Knowing how the company is structured and who will be your contact person will help you decide whether their internal structures work for you.
  6. Who have you worked for recently and can I contact them? With references, you can call to find out about the SEO consultants abilities and past performance.
  7. Why should I hire you? This question is important to show why the SEO consultant is a good fit for your company and above all, why his skills and abilities would be valuable in the company and how he will apply himself to do a great job.


These 10 questions will help you ascertain the skills and expertise of each candidate and help you decide on SEO services as the candidate for your business.

How can an SEO consultant help you in the digital economy?

If you are a digital entrepreneur or a person who wish to succeed online, you may need the support of a top SEO consultant like Fernando Raymond in 2020 and years to come.

In the below infographic you can see how an SEO consultant with years of experience helps your business goals.


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