7 Tips For Local Businesses To Get Top Ranks On Search Engines


Having your business website ranked on top of the major search engines is a very major step.

It helps you display and exhibit your brand to a large community, both locally, even from abroad.

So many businesses are struggling with websites that are dormant, no traffic, and no impact on sales or profits; but there’s a way out.

During a recent interview, the London Business news chief editor Manuela Willbold did with London’s most experienced SEO Consultant and CEO of ClickDo, she has gathered some interesting ideas and gave us to compose an infographic.

Below are 7 easy steps brought to you by the #1 web design in sri lanka company to help get your business site ranked on top by the search engines;


  1. SEO Expert; at top of the list, is by hiring an SEO expert for online marketing for help for your website. These experts are more conversant with the techniques and tips needed to get top ranking on Google, Bing, and other major search engines.
  2. Optimize your keywords; depending on the industry your business lies in, you’ll know which keywords to pick. Go for keywords that will lead visitors to your site, keywords related to your services, and location.
  3. Be Informative; nowadays, visitors to websites are looking for more than just the right keywords; they want fresh, informative content every now and then. The same home page content that was there 2 years ago should not remain as the top content. Keep updating, adding images, photos, fresher informative content, etc.
  4. Blogging; if possible, you can write nice, interesting blogs, and have the URL link to your website embedded below them.
  5. Social Media; embrace social media share links to your site on your Facebook, Twitter. Share with friends, or tag them if you can.
  6. Discounts/ bonuses; reward your loyal customers, either by offering discounts or bonuses. This cements their loyalty towards your brand and makes them bring new customers.
  7. Client feedback; have open communication channels to guide your customers if they are purchasing your goods online, or have a complaint, etc. Nowadays, major brands like PayPal have a Facebook page where one with complaints, queries, etc, can be assisted 24/7. You too can embrace this trend.


The above 7 tips are perfect ways to have your business ranked at the top of the search engines.

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